Silverado Canyon Emergency Tarp Services

Silverado Canyon Emergency Tarp Services

When the rainy season hits we stock up on high quality tarps, plastic, and sand bags for your emergency needs.  If you are in need of a quick covering up we can help dispatch a crew to come over to your house, advise you on what needs to be done interior wise to best protect your home and it’s furnishings and cover up the roof. 

Covering up your roof can cut back the amount of water damage to the interior and is a requirement by your insurance company.  If you read your home owners insurance policy you will find it reads that you must protect your home responsibly which includes using plastic or tarps during heavy rains to minimize the damage as much as possible. 

Silverado Canyon Emergency Plastic Covering

Silverado Canyon Emergency Roof Repair and Plastic Covering

When our company comes out to your house we will not only do our very best to professionally and properly cover your roof.  We will also help move any furniture that may be too heavy for you to move and help your protect the inside of your home to make sure your insurance claim is not rejected due to a lack of proactive involvement on your part.  
Your insurance will cover the cost of any emergency service required in order for you to protect your home from excess water damage.   In some cases we can even apply some of the cost of the emergency tarping or the covering up your roof with plastic to the cost of a new roof or a roof repair when as weather permits. 

We are a licensed and insured (C-39 737515) roofing contractor providing emergency roof repair and covering up service for all of Silverado Canyon.  If you have a skylight, chimney, fireplace, or roof that is causing interior damage to your your ceiling or wall and you would like to protect your home as your insurance requires you to do we will help.  All of our emergency tarp, plastic, or repair is covered by your insurance and required by your insurance.  

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